The 10 Best Family Tents Available in 2022

When you go camping with your family, you naturally want this to be an unforgettable experience for everyone and that everyone has positive memories for life from these holidays.

That is why it is so important to provide a quality family tent that is the right layout and size for your family or camping friends. For example, your family may consist of larger and smaller children and you and your partner may also need a certain amount of privacy.

Coleman Octagonal Tent, with large windows, with a 360-degree view, sturdy construction with steel poles, fully integrated groundsheet, easy assembly, waterproof
Coleman Familietent Vespucci 6 500 x 445 x 195/210 cm
Coleman Waterfall 5 Deluxe Family Tent, 5-person tent with separate living and sleeping area, easy to set up, 5-person tent, waterproof water column 3000 mm

on tent type:

There are also different types of family tents, one of which is more suitable for spending more time indoors than the other. Choosing the right family tent is a well-considered choice and in this article, we explain how to choose the right tent.

By zooming in on our selected best family tents, you will know exactly which type of family tent suits you best at the end of this article.

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Our Top 10 Family Tents for Family Trips

1. Coleman Octagon 98 8-Person Outdoor Tent


The shape of this tent, an octagon, may seem a bit unusual at first sight, but this design also offers many nice advantages. Thanks to this shape, you can enjoy almost the same high headroom throughout the tent and 360° of your holiday environment.

There are two doors so you don’t have to step over each other because inside you have no division into separate compartments. This allows you to decide for yourself how you use the tent, as an extra tent on holiday, as a play area, festival tent, or as a luxury camping bedroom.

If you only use the tent for sleeping, a maximum of 8 adults can sleep in it, but then you are close to each other. In our opinion, the tent is, therefore, more suitable for a maximum of 8 people.

Most important features

  • octagon
  • 360° panorama
  • No subdivisions

2. Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room


You and your family will spend the perfect holiday in this tunnel tent from Coleman. Welded corners and inverted seams keep water from getting in; Included rainfly offers extra weather protection. Conventional pitch: Sets up in 15 minutes

Within this living space, you can enjoy an abundance of light thanks to the panoramic windows and two separate entrances. The groundsheet covers the entire tent and the rain hoods ensure that the inside of the tent is protected from rain, moisture, and vermin.

Most important features

  • tunnel tent
  • 3 bedrooms
  • Full standing room

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3. Coleman Waterproof Tasman Unisex Outdoor Tunnel Tent


With an area of Inner dimensions sleeping area (L x W x H): 210 x 190 x 145 cm of storage space (L x W x H): 210 x 200 x 155 cm, you can sleep a maximum of 3 adults in this dome tent from Coleman, but then you have little storage space. Since the common interior space is also not very large, we, therefore, recommend that you use this tent with a maximum of 3 people.

The tent poles are made of fiberglass and it is very easy to set up so that you do not lose valuable time on holiday. The outside of the tent consists of 100% polyester and has a water column of 3000 mm to protect you and your family against all weather conditions. The tent bottom is also made of high-quality polyethylene and as an extra asset, this tent has a cable slot for electricity supply.

Most important features

  • dome tent
  • Waterproof
  • Cable slot for power supply

4. Coleman Dome Tent for Camping


This compact dome tent with a capacity of up to 4 people is an interesting option for slightly smaller families or families with smaller children. Welded corners and inverted seams keep water from getting in; included rainfly offers extra weather protection; strong frame withstands 35+ mph winds.

Blocks 90% of sunlight (vs. a comparable Coleman tent) so you can sleep in past sunrise. The tent is made of high-quality breathable polyester and has an integrated groundsheet that keeps moisture and vermin out. The sleeping area has an extra mosquito net and blackout material to ensure a good night’s sleep. E-Port makes it easy to bring electrical power inside.

Most important features

  • dome tent
  • Max 4 people

5. 4 Season Tipi Tent for Family Camping Hunting Fishing Waterproof Wind-Proof


Kids can’t wait to go on a camping trip knowing this is going to be their place to stay! Like real Indians, they spend the holiday of their dreams in this tipi tent. 4 Season Tent equipped with a stove jack for tent stove, wind-proof snow skirt with heat retention functionality to keep warm in cold weather.

The tent has a size – 12.4ft(3.8m) in diameter, 7.8ft(2.4m) in Height; Folded size – 22.8”*7.8”*7.8”inch(58*20*20CM); Weight: 9.2lbs (4.2kg). There are no separate subdivisions inside, so you all sleep next to each other and between your luggage. Do you want some more personal space?

This hot tent is made of 70D coated nylon fabric with a 3000mm waterproof rating, equipped with an aluminum alloy tent pole. Double doors with quality snag-free YNS waterproof zippers. The tent weighs just under 4.2 kg and comes in a transport bag with clear assembly instructions. The various windows and large doors guarantee good airflow in the tent so that you do not suffer from unpleasant odors during your holiday.

Most important features

  • Tipi tent
  • Max 4 people
  • 4.2 kg and including carrying bag

6. CAMPROS Tent-6-Person-Camping-Tents


Children and families need space to play, push boundaries and enjoy themselves to the fullest. Even on holiday in nature, it is important that they have enough personal space and they certainly have that in this spacious family tent that can accommodate up to 6 people.

No particular skills are needed, 2 people could set up the tent easily in 5 min. The camping tent comes with a smooth zipper and well-made poles. The carry bag is 24.6 x 8.26 x 8.26 inches big as a sleeping bag. You could restore the tent in the carry bag easily.

With Size: 11′ x 7′ x 72″(H)(77 sq ft), 1 queen air mattresses or 6 sleeping bags are well fit in the tent. Ideal for family car camping or camping site.

Most important features

  • Maximum 6 people
  • Panoramic windows
  • Electricity supply

7. Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping 


This quality tunnel tent from Coleman offers you both privacy and a communal area to spend time together. The common area is centrally located in the tent and has 3 queen size air beds. You can easily place a table and chairs there and spend time pleasantly when the weather is not so nice.

WeatherTec system with patented corner welds and inverted seams helps keep water out. Extended door awning keeps shoes and gear dry; hinged door offers easy access.

Quick setup in 15 minutes with a carry bag included for easy transportation. The groundsheet is a PE polyester groundsheet that covers the entire surface of the tent so that the tent remains clean and dry during the holiday.

Most important features

  • Easy Setup, Quick Setup
  • Max 8 people
  • Camping Tent

8. Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent


What you don’t waste time on with this tent on holiday is setting it up. No flipping through manuals or clumsy fumbling with tent poles, because you simply inflate this tent with a portable pump.

The tent is a fairly compact model that can accommodate up to 8 people in a single sleeping area. In addition to this sleeping area, you have a spacious awning with two entrance doors and several windows.

All doors and windows are fitted with mosquito nets and can be blinded. Inside there is also a handy power supply to charge electronic devices during your holiday.

Most important features

  • Dome tent
  • Easy Setup, Quick Setup
  • Sleeps Up to 9 people

9. E-Z UP Camping Cube 6.4, Converts 10′ Straight Leg Canopy into Camping Tent


This inflatable beige dome tent can accommodate up to 6 people and has a design based on the design of a Mongolian yurt. Because the tent is inflatable by means of a valve, you do not have to drag or fumble with tent poles on holiday.

After inflating, all you have to do is tighten the guy lines and attach the tent pegs. The entrance to the tent alone is huge and offers a lot of light, but there are also two large windows for bad weather when you have to close the door.

The camping cube add-on works to transform a 10’ x 10’ straight leg Shelter into an entirely new space for any upcoming camping trip. Frame/top (Shelter) not included.

Most important features

  • dome tent
  • Up to 6 people
  • Large entrance and windows with interior curtains

10. Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup in 60 Seconds


Although this tunnel tent is quite large, you will have little difficulty setting it up. The tent is carried by air hoses instead of tent poles, so all you need is a pump that sets up the tent for you.

The tent can accommodate up to 4 people and has a 8 x 7 feet with 4 feet 11-inch center height; Fits 1 queen-size air bed. At the back, you have the sleeping area, separated by mosquito netting, in front of the lockable interior space that offers space for a table and chairs and an extra canopy for shelter in bad weather.

Welded corners and inverted seams keep water from getting in; Integrated rainfly offers extra weather protection with better airflow.

Most important features

  • tunnel tent
  • 4 people
  • Multi-Sport

10 tips for the perfect camping trip with your family

  1. Be prepared for the dark

First of all, you can make it a lot easier on yourself by arriving at your camping spot before dark and giving yourself the comfort to set up the tent in daylight. This way you can unpack everything neatly, read the manual, and set up the tent quietly while enjoying the surroundings. In addition, you also need to have light for when the sun goes down. Luminous sticks are great fun for children because they come in different colors and you can also let them burn at night since they don’t give too much light. In addition, you can also opt for solar-powered lights that you charge during the day and use them inside and outside the tent when it gets dark. This way you don’t have to carry around with batteries and you are not dependent on electricity.

  1. What to do in case of rain?

Of course, we all hope for beautiful weather when we go on holiday, but unfortunately, the weather is something that we as humans have no control over. Unfortunately, it can happen that you have to deal with torrential rain. Therefore pack your clothes in small, waterproof bags in case the tent should appear to be leaking or your luggage should come into contact with water. This ensures that you always have something dry to wear. To prevent you from bringing mud inside in bad weather, you can use mats that you place both outside the tent and inside the tent. After wiping feet twice, there is a much smaller chance that it will get dirty inside. And are you planning to cook on wood? Then place the wood fire under your car where rain or water cannot reach so that you can prepare a nice hot meal or drink after the rain.

  1. Bring extra blankets

Whether it’s against the cold, for a picnic, or for the kids to play on, extra blankets are always handy and in one way or another, they always come in handy during a camping trip.

  1. Don’t forget the travel pharmacy!

You may not need it at all, but you better be well prepared, especially when traveling with small children. While camping you may have to deal with minor inconveniences and unfortunately, it can also happen that you suddenly become ill. Therefore, put together a small travel pharmacy with, among other things, sun cream, painkillers, pills for intestinal complaints, sore throat, cough syrup, etc. Since you are going to stay outside in nature, it is better to take precautions against insect bites. You can use mosquito repellent, mosquito bands, but an extra mosquito net is always a good idea!

  1. Prepare your meals in advance

Preparing food at your camping site is a lot more difficult than preparing food at home in your fully equipped kitchen. Therefore, try to prepare as many meals as possible in advance so that you only have to warm them up on the camping site. It will save you a lot of stress and work!

  1. Provide enough activities and games for the children

When children start to get bored, they can change the whole atmosphere. Therefore, provide enough things for them to occupy themselves with and these don’t have to be big things. For example, children can spend hours playing sidewalk chalk or blowing bubbles. Of course, you can also prepare some games to play all together to strengthen the family bond, or you can bring some board games to play inside the tent when the weather is bad.

  1. Extra rope and baby wipes always come in handy

Baby wipes aren’t just for babies. You can use them for everything to clean and they stay moist and clean in the packaging. Another camping attribute that always comes in handy is rope. You can make a washing line with it to dry your clothes, you can hang food up to protect against animals, and much more.

  1. Invest in a solid tent tarp

There are several reasons why a tent tarp is indispensable on your camping trip. The first reason you probably think of shelters from the rain and that is certainly an important reason. But a tent canvas can also help keep the heat out by creating an extra layer above the tent itself.

  1. Freeze water bottles

Instead of buying bags of ice, it’s better to fill bottles with potable water and then freeze. The water bottles will thaw a lot more slowly so that your food and drinks will stay cool for longer, and afterward, you can simply drink the water.

  1. Keep an evaluation list

Not everything can go smoothly the first time and you can always learn from previous experiences. Therefore, during your camping trip, keep a list on which you can write down what you miss, what you could have done differently, but also write down the things that were good. Doing this over and over will only make your camping trips better.


Family tents come in all sizes and shapes and it is best to make a list of what is important to you. For example, not all tent types offer the possibility to stand upright in the tent and not all types of tents have separate sleeping compartments. It is important that your entire travel group enjoys the holiday, so determine the wishes in advance before making a purchase.

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